A New Look for www.bayareaenterprises.org!

You may have noticed our website’s new look.  We changed it recently to reflect some of the changes that we are making at BAE.  It has some cool components that we should point out.

The first is the picture on our splash page and our page headers – the iconic Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge.  Started in 1934 and completed in 1936, the McCullough Bridge stands as a beautiful guardian to North Bend.  We selected this to be our main image because it serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and strength in Oregon’s Bay Area.

You may also notice we have begun to add elements of the awesome culture here at BAE.  Take a look at the Employment Opportunities page and learn about The Big Three.  Spend a minute and read about the history of BAE on our About page. Make sure check out our News page regularly for updates on BAE and information about people with disabilities.

Bay Area Enterprises has served Oregon’s Bay Area for over 30 years.  While there are some amazing changes happening, we still remain faithful to our mission: Helping people with disabilities.