History of Bay Area Enterprises

Bay Area Enterprises (BAE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve maximum independence by developing their abilities to find inclusive, meaningful employment. Since 1986, BAE has helped people with disabilities become self-sufficient by providing job training as well as work skill development and employment. This goal has been achieved by collaboration with local business, state agencies, and the community at large.

BAE was founded in September, 1986 as the Bay Area Rehabilitation Center. We are a Qualified Rehabilitation Facility (QRF) which means that 75% of our direct labor hours must be accomplished by employees with a documented disability. These disabilities prevent our employees from engaging in competitive employment over an extended period of time. Those individuals require specialized employment opportunities and training: BAE provides that needed support.

Since its creation, BAE has provided a diverse list of services for its clients and community. These services have ranged from thrift stores in Coos Bay and Brookings to traffic control and gypsy moth monitoring. Currently under its QRF status, BAE operates a professional janitorial service and provides bridge operators for the 24 hour, 365 day per year operation of the Charleston Bridge for the Oregon Department of Transportation. Other services offered are carpet cleaning and hard floor care.

Not only do we have these opportunities for employment, but also provide services in our Career Development department that assist people in finding integrated employment in the community. Services include; resume writing, online application profiles, job development, job coaching, assessments, and career discovery and exploration.